September 21 - 30, 2018


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The District Pub & Grill

101 Graham Ave.
Eau Claire
(715) 514-4043
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Takes Reservations

Seats 9 or more

Serves Alcohol

Fish FryBar Grill


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3-Course Dinner $25


Choose one item from each of the following three courses:


» Stuffed mushroom caps
Seasoned cheese-filled mushroom caps topped with bacon and bleu cheese crumbles.

» Beer cheese dip
Creamy cheese blend baked, topped with bacon and served with warm tortilla chips.

» Bacon-wrapped asparagus
Roasted asparagus wrapped in bacon with a sweet bourbon glaze.


» Bruchetta chicken
Pesto-marinated grilled chicken topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and a balsamic glaze drizzle. Served with grilled parmesean asparagus.

» Quesadilla burger
One half-pound burger, seasoned and topped with guacamole, pico de gallo and lettuce, stuffed in a cheesy grilled tortilla pocket.

» Brisket sliders
Brisket topped with onion jam and BBQ sauce, served on slider buns.


» Jack-and-coke cheesecake
New York-style cheesecake topped with a Jack Daniels and cherry reduction and a cola glaze

» Funnel cake
Warm funnel cake topped with powdered sugar, strawberries, and whipped cream

» Signature mason jar dessert
Peanut butter cup

(Menus may change.)


Homegrown: Restaurants designated as "Homegrown" are locally owned and locally originated establishments. These are restaurants that exist only in the Chippewa Valley, or they started in this community before branching into additional markets. Many franchised restaurants located in the area may be locally-owned as well, but as in most cases they don't originate here, they are not given the "Homegrown" designation. Restaurant Week encourages you to include a "Homegrown" establishment as you enjoy the event's offerings!