September 15 - 24, 2023


Frequently Asked Questions



What happens during Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week?

Participating restaurants offer special menus and great deals.

Diners can win prizes by getting their printed "Passport" stamped at 5 or more different restaurants. 10 stamps are required to be eligible for the grand prize.


When is restaurant week?

September 15 thru 24, 2023.


Where can I see the menus and deals?

Offerings are available here on the Restaurants & Offers page, and in Volume One magazine that comes out preceding Restaurant Week.


Where can I get a passport?

At The Local Store - 205 N Dewey St, Eau Claire.


Does the passport cost anything?

No, it's free.


Can I get my passport stamped multiple times at one restaurant?



When do I need to turn in my passport?

November 15, 2023


Where do I turn in my passport?

Completed (or half completed) passports must be mailed or turned in to Volume One / The Local Store, at 205 N. Dewey Street in Downtown Eau Claire.


When will the grand prize be announced?

Winners will be randomly selected on November 17, 2023.


Do I need a passport to get the special menus and deals?

No. The passport is only needed if you'd like to enter to win prizes.


What can I win?

One entry will win a grand prize (usually worth thousands of dollars). More winners will receive restaurant gift cards and other prizes.

The prize details are specified on the Win page.


What events are happening during Restaurant Week?

Events are different every year, but in the past have included a the "First Taste Culinary Crawl", Farm & Orchard Trolley Tour.

Visit the Events page for this year's events.


Who is behind Restaurant Week?

Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week is launched by Volume One, and the generous support of our local sponsors.


Why Restaurant Week?

The Chippewa Valley's food scene is growing. It's important to have an event that encourages people to leave their comfort zones and check out a whole range of types and styles of restaurants, including some smaller independent spots we need for our food culture to thrive.