September 20 - 29, 2019


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Mancino’s Grinders and Pizza

809 W. Clairemont
Eau Claire
(715) 835-4100
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Seats 9 or more

PizzaSandwiches SubsVegetarian Friendly


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Family Combo Meal $30

Beverage (four 22oz fountain drinks)


  • Two Whole Grinders
    Your choice of one classic grinder and one gourmet grinder
  • One Large 16” Specialty Pizza and breadsticks
    Your choice of any specialty pizza or 4-topping pizza


Lunch or Dinner for Two $15

Beverage (two 22oz fountain drinks)


  • One Whole Grinder with two bags of chips
    Choose from “the club can’t handle me,” chicken bacon ranch, reuben, zesty deli, veggie gourmet, or steak delicious
  • 12” Pizza with Garlic Cheese Bread
    Choose from meat supreme, Mancino’s pride, chicken florentine, or any three-topping pizza


Lunch or Dinner for One $8

Beverage (one 22oz fountain drink)


  • A Half (8.5") Grinder (options below) with Oven-baked Seasoned Fries
    Choose from: The Italian, Reuben, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Steak Delicious, The Club Can’t Handle Me, Flavor Train or Veggie Gourmet

(Menus may change.)


Homegrown: Restaurants designated as "Homegrown" are locally owned and locally originated establishments. These are restaurants that exist only in the Chippewa Valley, or they started in this community before branching into additional markets. Many franchised restaurants located in the area may be locally-owned as well, but as in most cases they don't originate here, they are not given the "Homegrown" designation. Restaurant Week encourages you to include a "Homegrown" establishment as you enjoy the event's offerings!