September 20 - 29, 2019


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Shanghai Bistro

2930 Craig Rd
Eau Claire
(715) 835-3348
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Takes Reservations

Seats 9 or more

Serves Alcohol

AsianOutdoor SeatingVegetarian Friendly


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Three-Course Dinner for Two $35

Appetizer (choose one)

  • Bao bulgogi
  • bao cantonese roast pork
  • seared ahi tuna
  • Takoyaki

Entrée (choose two)

  • Sushi rolls (choose two regular + one signature)
    Regular: California, spicy tuna, salmon, tuna, negs Hama, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, Maui, salmon avocado, shrimp tempura, spider
  • Signature:
    Mexian roll, pretty pretty princess, super salmon, number 9, lava roll, red dragon, New York, crazy monkey, samarai crunch, or dilly dilly
  • Stir Fry
    Cashew chicken, chicken brocoli, kung pao chicken, and more

Dessert (choose one)

  • tiramisu
  • lava cake

(Menus may change.)


Homegrown: Restaurants designated as "Homegrown" are locally owned and locally originated establishments. These are restaurants that exist only in the Chippewa Valley, or they started in this community before branching into additional markets. Many franchised restaurants located in the area may be locally-owned as well, but as in most cases they don't originate here, they are not given the "Homegrown" designation. Restaurant Week encourages you to include a "Homegrown" establishment as you enjoy the event's offerings!